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Rob McRae-Adams

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Phone: 020 8867 2380
Time: Monthly, Friday
Venue :ETNA Community Centre 13 Rosslyn Road Twickenham Middlesex TW1 2AR

Richmond Laughter Club

Email: rob@richmondcarers.org
Website: http://www.carers.org/richmond

Club Details

Club Details
We are a local charity who primarily supports unpaid/family carers and we have run successful workshops for people registered with us for a couple of years. We are now running a Laughter Club which is open to all members of the local community on a regular basis to promote the ethos of Laughter Yoga and it’s benefits. The sessions are free but unpaid carers registered with our charity will be given priority and we will ask for a small donation towards room hire.
Unpaid carers registered with Richmond Carers Centre can access a 3 hour workshop cover all the aspects of Laughter Yoga and it’s stress busting effects which is run on a quaterly basis. For more information see: www.carers.org/richmond or call 020 8867 2380.