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Ellen Mercer

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Phone: 405-818-7997
Time: Tuesdays weekly at Noon 12 to 1 PM
Venue :3400 Northwest 36th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Oklahoma City Tuesday Ticklers Laughter Club

Email: LNMirther@cox.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LaughterMovesU2
Website: http://laughnow.weebly.com/laughter-gatherings.html
Testimonial: http://laughnow.weebly.com/testimonials.html
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Club Details

JOIN US Weekly!
TUESDAY TICKLERS Laughter Yoga Exercise every Tuesday at NOON!
Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center 
at 3400 NW 36th St.   
just west of I-44 and NW 36th.   
 Meet  12 noon  to 1  pm
​- Get your Laughter Moves on!     

Free!  Come join us to move, laugh and breathe.  If the weather is lovely we will venture out in the gardens for part of the hour. We will be walking, laughing or playing. Open to anyone interested in the experience of Laughter Yoga one time or committed to come WEEKLY
to really make a change in your life.
 We play, breathe, relax and laugh with childlike playfulness.
Every Tuesday  – at 12 noon  
Sponsored by Integris Third Age Life Center  — and OKC Parks and Recreation   FREE with optional  donation to help support this Laughter Movement.
  New exercises every week.   Bring a friend!.   
Wear comfortable shoes and layered  clothing – no tight waistband. No yoga mat needed!  Bring Water & Smiles.   
Laughers who choose to will go out to eat lunch afterwards.   

More Fun socializing and laughing!
Join us weekly to laugh –  Try to make it at least 4 times before you decide if this is for you.  This has the power to bring Joy, levity and wellness to you.

Here is what one recent first-timer had to say   “I enjoyed  laughing, and walking, and talking with you too, Ellen; I’m very eager to do it again. I know this won’t come as a surprise to you, but I was in the BEST mood all day today!   Thank you for introducing me to LY! And thanks for the tips on laughing alone. See you next Tuesday!” – J.B.