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Elvira Punzalan- Estavillo

Phone: +6328185852
Time: With organizations/companies, once a month. With friends, once a week.
Venue :UNIT 2101-A / Three Salcedo Place Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village Makati City, Philippines

Laughter Yoga Club of the Philippines

Email: mega_abundant_lv@yahoo.com
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Website: http://laughteryoga.ph/
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Club Details

Laughter Yoga Philippines was put up on February 17, 2008, and initially conducted Laughter Yoga sessions with friends and senior citizens to test the water, so to speak and determine the fusion of presentations/Laughter Yoga exercises, etc. that will best be liked by participants.

Laughter Yoga Philippines conducts sessions with companies and organizations comprising 100 to 550 participants for very minimal fees. The fees received are fully utilized for my other advocacy: adopting a public school with the highest number of students so I can help and reach out a big number of beneficiaries in one stroke. I put up toilets and water supply system in the schools adopted every year. For this year, Commonwelth High School was the chosen one with 10, 800 students. They were provided with 12 toilets and water system that will supply water in the school even without electricity for 7 days.

I am grateful and fully appreciative of Laughter Yoga — as it enables me to accomplish my twin missions in life: help people become healhy, happy and positive, and provide water and sanitation facilities to public schools, where they are needed the most.