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Helen Fong

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Phone: +1 902-490-5738
Time: 2pm Saturday Monthly (dates posted at http://www.helenfongyoga.com/classes.html)
Venue :330 Lacewood Drive, Halifax, NS, Canada

Laughter Yoga at the Library

Certified laughter leader training
Email: yoga@helenfong.info
Website: http://www.helenfongyoga.com/classes.html

Club Details

The Laughter Yoga at the Library laughter yoga club meets at the Keshen Goodman Library, one Saturday afternoon monthly. This “laughing for no reason” form of yoga empties the lungs of stale air and balances the different energies in your body. Yoga can help relieve stress and promote a better immune system.

Co-lead by local and guest laughter yoga leaders. Started by Helen Fong, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader since February 2012.