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Michele Caskey

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Phone: 8884272261
Time: A couple times a month, plus additional classes and workshops throughout Western Washington.
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Laughter Fusion

Email: laughterfusion@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.meetup.com/Laughter-Fusion/
Website: http://www.laughterfusion.com/

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Hello Good Laughing People Everywhere!
Laughter Fusion is a yummy blend of Laughter Yoga, Freeform Dance, and Play practiced by open minded and kind hearted adults as a form of mind/body/spirit exercise. We begin by laughing before anything is funny and continue for a ridiculous amount of time while we partake in lighthearted pantomiming and improvisation. This sounds like an odd thing to do until you’ve done it but, the body responds to laughter in the same way whether anything is funny or not, with a flood of feel good and healing hormones. Laughter Yoga Teacher Michele Caskey leads the way through a series of “laughter exercises” that helps us skillfully and playfully navigate this awkward and temporary place where we are laughing and it feels artificial. As long as the body is actively laughing it is creating endorphins and as our brain becomes aware of this improvement to our body chemistry we almost magically become more amused, happy and fun loving…laughing effortlessly with great joy. We experience a greater feeling of harmony, connection and wellbeing. Try it! You’ll like it!!
Immediate Results! All are Welcome!!
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