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Michele Caskey

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Phone: +1 4254669146
Time: monthly - see Meet Up page for specific times and dates
Venue :Kirkland Library, Kirkland Avenue, Kirkland, WA, USA

Laughter Fusion – Club Kirkland

LY as aerobic exercise
Email: laughterfusion@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.meetup.com/Laughter-Fusion/

Club Details

Laughter Yoga is one of the most fun transformational tools I know. As we learn to harness the power of self-directed, intentional laughter we gain the ability to shift our body chemistry into a joyful and energized state. Laughter can become an exercise we do, almost like a push-up. Over time we can strengthen our ability to laugh on command, and as we do we become adept at flooding our body with a yummy blend of feel good and healing hormones. When these hormones hit our brain the thinking mind will find a way to justify their existence often finding many amusements and things to feel optimistic about everywhere we look. It just doesn’t seem like it would be so easy to transform your outlook on the world, but 10 minutes of laughter will do it. Often by the end of class we are glorioiusly giddy and feel like anything is possible. With practice it becomes easy to slip into this state where a little laughter frees our minds to let go of stress and identify what is fun. Big Picture: Laughter Yoga is an unrecognized survival technique in a hectic world and a way to become peaceful and loving towards those around us. This class is offered free to the public as a gift to the community.