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Eze Ekeruo

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Time: Every Saturday 6am -10am
Venue :74 Christ Church Road, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Laughter Club Africa

Email: laughterclubafrican@gmail.com
Website: http://www.laughterclubafrica.org/

Club Details

We give praise to almight God for this great idea and wisdom of ancient and present GIVEN to our great humble and great founder of”LAUGHTER CLUB” Dr we africans in nigerian want to thank you for giving us great chance to put laughter to our follow borthers and sisters faces in this part of the world. Laughter Club Africa is our own brand name,its a house hold name in many families,corporate bodies,universities,streets children and market man and woman trust on for there peace and happiness.Our movement has empowered 780 people out of 5255 members of the club here in nigeria,through our project “LAUGHTER MOMENT SKILLS ACQUSITION EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME”(L.M.S.A.E.P) Now your people in africa are happy about laughter club,we are starting serminers for banks in the country and some of the oil companies has aspected our proposal we sent to them through our club PRO. Health wise we are working with ministry of health to reduce stress through laughourter moment serminers in all the hospitals in the country,but our pilot state is in imo state now.first hospital to visit is federal medical center (FMC).Our member released its first music under the club after an inspiration of your wisdom dvd we vied during one of our saturday laughter moments. Thanks for this great movement from LAUGHTER CLUB AFRICA Dr sidney Eze Ekeruo Imo State Nigeria