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Melody Braithwaite

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Phone: 0403392122
Time: WEEKLY 7th May to 9th July 2015 Check Website for dates after 24th September for the rest of 2015
Venue :Ground Floor Meeting House Community Centre, 23A Stokes Street LANE COVE

Lane Cove Laughter Melody Club

Email: melody.braithwaite@gmail.com
Website: http://www.meetup.com/Laughter-Melody-Yoga/

Club Details

Our club name ‘Laughter Melody’ encourages participants to experience and appreciate the many different kinds laughter we can enjoy daily – from the silent laugh or the shy high pitched quiet twittering laugh, right through to the gasphing belly clutching deep roaring laughter that resonates through our whole body and is so infectious to others. Express, pratice and share your laughter melody repetoire.