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Ms Annie Yap

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Phone: +65 98437971
Time: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday @ 745am
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Joyful & Happiness Laughter Singapore

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Join us at Joyful & Happiness at 7.45am every 1st & 3rd Sunday at Mandai Tekong Park, Woodlands, Singapore. See you there.

Ms Annie Yap is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher under Laughter Yoga University. She is also a certified PA Trainer. She is a positive, cheerful and joyful person who is able to engage well and bring lots of fun and laughter to the seniors, adults and children. Through conducting laughter yoga session, she feels that it is one of the fastest way to connect between people. She has also been invited to Malaysia for laughter yoga sessions. Annie always believe in sharing happiness and joy with people around her to build a better caring and to sharing relationship. Seeing her clients stay healthy, stay connected and happy in their life is her greatest sense of satisfaction.

Mr Steven Phua is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher under Laughter Yoga University, certified Positive Psychology Coach, a certified PA Trainer as well as a certified Master NLP practitioner, he has been helping many youths and young adults to make progress in their life positively and meaningfully. He believes that laughter is a great connector of people. One can develop good attitude, good sense of humor, good communication and good leadership skills though the practise of Laughter Yoga. He is actively providing coaching service to his clients. His jovial, positive and resilient character enables him to connect and work well with his clients.