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Lainie Diamond

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Time: WEEKLY ON SATURDAYS! 11am-12noon!
Venue :1302 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TX 77008

Houston Laughter Yoga ~ Houston, We Have Laughter!

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HOUSTON LAUGHTER YOGA on GREAT DAY HOUSTON! Courtney Perna reporting on exercise: January 2013

FAQS ABOUT LAINIE’s CLASSES for people of ALL ages/backgrounds/abilities! What is Laughter Yoga, and do I need to ARRIVE or BE in a
happy/laughing/smiling/good mood? Answer: No.

It doesn’t matter what mood you arrive in- sad or happy- or if you have no
sense of humor at all. ALL emotions/feelings/moods are expressed through
the breathing exercises. We are not just laughing 😉

Laughter Yoga (Laughing Yoga/Laughter/play therapy) is for ALL! It is both
FUN and THERAPEUTIC. *Lainie’s Heights Library Saturday Class is about 45
minutes of exercises for all, then rest/breathe time=1 hr total.
• There are no on-the-floor exercises, group physical-contact exercises, or difficult contortions. • You may sit in a chair if unable to stand/prefer, and you Move at your own pace. • No Yoga Mats or special exercise clothing are needed, so you may do this during or right after your work day. • There is no ‘right or wrong’ way to do it. It is non-competitive/judgmental. • There is no joke-telling, and it’s not an entertainment/comedy routine- just easy Breathing movement exercises for all. • Bring water to drink if you would like. • Children are welcome accompanied by an adult/guardian.

Houston, we have laughter! Laughter Yoga is breathing based movement
exercises practiced for health and wellness by people of all
professions/ages/abilities. No sense of humor and not in a good mood? No
problem. Laughter Yoga is fun to do. It expresses all emotions and
restores joy and psychological well-being. The many health benefits
include increasing oxygen to the brain and body and a strengthened immune
system. It is non-competitive and there are no difficult contortions or
on-the-floor exercises. No yoga mats or exercise clothing is needed.
International media coverage of Laughter Yoga includes The New York Times,
Time, and Oprah. For health testimonials and scientific studies please
visit: www.houstonlaughteryoga.com

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Facebook: Houston we have Laughter Group