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Lucio Sebastiani

Phone: 39 3208389554
Venue :Via Girolamo Benzoni, 87, (Garbatella) - Roma, Lucio Sebastiani, Via A. Cappellini, 20, 00185 ROMA

Club della Risata “La Coccinella di Garbatella”

Email: luciseba@tiscali.it
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CLUBDELLARISATA.LaCoccinella

Club Details

We Practise twice a month (each 1st and 3rd thursday).
We dance, laugh and play.
A lot of role-playing games are put in place to test primary emotions in order to work them out again, from a different perspecitve, thanks to laugh.
We offer a very special “format” of LY session dedicate to parents/children relationship.