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Choose Happiness
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Monday, 7 April 2014 10:20:53
Less Fear : More Love
Less Worry: More Joy
Less holding onto the past and being/doing the same
More Happiness
Less Low Self Esteem: More Freedon to be your true
Unique Self
Less Comparing/Competing: More Success
Less trying to control: More exciting synchronicity,
success and rewards
Less Greed/selfishness More to receive
Less is always MORE
think less: More joyful experiences
fown/sulk/seriousness less: More Laughter/relaxation
simplify your life, breath deeply, be still, surrender to this moment, enjoy now, Have Gratitude daily for what you have now.
Smile often (and in the mirror)
Appreciate YOU
All of this, I believe, cause this is what I Live and it works.
Carolyn Nicholson
(also known on face book as Carolyn Laughalot and Cazza Laughalot)