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Linda Lou Batchelor Ballew, USA
You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it.

That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies,

that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems...for all that is life.

~ J.Krishnamurti

Linda says:

Read - read any and everything that is not familiar - maybe you do not read well for some reason? Libraries have audio books and maybe a dear friend will read to you - reading creates the film you would make - catered to your own mind. It stimulates the imagination - something many adults no longer do. This is a freedom and pleasure that creates a mind state similar to meditation; it takes us out of our own thoughts.

Look at the skies - open your mind to possibilities and see what pictures the clouds draw, just for you - enjoy the colors of dawn and dusk, watch the patterns made in the clouds by high winds and aircraft trails, concentrate on looking deeper and deeper into deep blue or strong cloud patterns, relax, allow your pupils to open to the night and let the night sky become your canopy.

Sing - singing is any repeated sound that pleases your ear or your mind and is soothed or stimulated by it. If you think you cannot sing, then when alone sing to the universe. We all have perfect singing voices - the universe hears us in our perfection - only humans hear defects, as our perception is not perfect and whole as is that of the universe. So sing to the universe and lift your heart to the skies.

Dance - Many know the saying, "Dance as if no one is watching". This is a great concept - but maybe you also should dance in whatever way you can - if you are not able bodied, dance with your arms or legs, fingers or eyes. If you are on a bus or standing in line, dance in your mind - see yourself dancing in whatever way fulfils your wishes and creates in your mind the feeling of release to music.

Write poems - a poem can be one word. "I" is a beautiful poem when you see the perfection we all have within us. "You" is another poem of perfection in another person being exactly their authentic self. "Love" is the greatest poem in one word; it encompasses all and heals all. It is joy and sadness, life and death, sleeping and awakening, giving and receiving, progress and retreat, silence and clamor. It is all opposites perfectly balanced. However many words in your poems - see them as beauty and an expression of your feelings. Keep them to reflect on how far you have come and where your present is.

In all these things you will find the relaxation brings a smile to your face and a gentle laughter to your heart, bubbling up in freedom, at last set free from the boundaries of daily life. Make these practices your daily or weekly life - begin with one and if that works for you then add another as you can. See how life changes when we change and how this frees our natural desire to laugh for the pure pleasure that expresses.

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