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Bron Roberts, Australia

Yesterday I headed into the People's march in the main street of Melbourne. Laughter Clubs Victoria is represented every year and I've been there every year bar one, 2 years ago I had to go to a funeral :( Because the group isn't choreographed like other groups we can break out, race up to the crowds, high five, hug friends, photo bomb selfies. It is soooo much fun.

Leelee Kong, Seria

Moms & Kids Yoga together kicked start the year with Laughter Yoga in the Park, added with post-Xmas Lollilop Reindeer craft activity for children only (kids maintaining silence as far as possibly can, after all laughs and play) ....Very Good ....Very Good....YEAHHHH..!!!

Maggie Thompson, United Kingdom

Wow – feeling totally blessed to have worked delivering a series of Laughter Yoga sessions based on the Basic Skills workshop with a Sikh & Hindu Community in Dudley. Today we had our final session combined with a beautiful Diwali celebration.

Susan Phillips, USA

Wonderful time attending a Laughter Yoga session in Montreal led by Wendy Singer!

Yvonne Looi, CLYT

Free Public Seminar in Singapore: Team Nation of joy is so delighted and honored to host a public awareness talk on Laughter Yoga for Health and Happiness for Dr Madan Kataria, the lovely lady Madhuri and master teacher Maki Kawakami during their one day visit in Singapore this July!

Tools Bulgaris Greece

ACROPOLIS OF ATHENS' LAUGHTER CLUB: In our weekly meeting this evening, we had it all!!! Latin dancing, and Laughter Exercises for a «Summer Party», and the awards of Certificates to two new Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders

Lucia Suriano, Italy

Un corso base di yoga della risata è una esperienza intensa da vivere per poter sperimentare la forza della risata incondizionata.