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New Powerpoint Presentation For Laughter Yoga With School Children

The demand for Laughter Yoga in schools is increasing worldwide. We have created a special PPT presentation which can be sent out to the school authorities so that they can invite you for a session. This covers why children need to laugh more, benefits of Laughter Yoga, three models of Laughter

Age Old “Laughing Ritual” At Hiraoka Shrine In Osaka

Recently, I came across an interesting live video broadcast on Facebook. It was about an unusual “Laughing ritual” practiced in Japan. Every year on 23rd December, about 3000 people get together and laugh for no reason for 20 minutes, to commemorate the birthday of Japanese emperor. It is age old

One Minute Laughter For World Peace At The Opening Of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

We humbly request you to sign a petition addressed to the President of International Olympic Committee and the Chairman, Japan Olympic Committee, requesting to introduce one minute of laughter at the opening ceremony of 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We need to take one million signatures as soon as possible. Let us

Guidelines For Laughter Exercises With Children

More and more schools and educational institutes are showing a keen interest in Laughter Yoga. Many Laughter Yoga professionals want to update their knowledge and skills when doing Laughter Yoga with school kids.

Laughter Boosting For Stressful Situations

Growing competitiveness and desire for lofty accomplishments in workplace, academic, sports as well as in the field of creative arts invariably places people in a vulnerable situation, which can generate fear, anxiety and worry and lead to an immensely negative and stressful scenario.