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Vipassana Meditation: Taming Monkey Mind

Vipassana Meditation: Taming Monkey Mind Description “Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. It is the process of self-purification by self-observation.” S N Goenka Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques. Long lost to humanity, it was rediscovered by Gautama Buddha more than 2500 years ago…

My Laughter Club, my sanity savior!

This week, we will be celebrating our 13th anniversary in Gatineau! 13 years of sharing laughter – and sometimes tears! – and being happier week after week… In my case, I have a confession to make. This commitment required a lot of love and attention and work, but it probably saved my sanity over the years!

On the first anniversary of my laughter-yoga meditation

1. Laughter-yoga meditation has changed me. It has been just a year since I started practicing laughter-yoga meditation which I learned from Dr. Madan Kataria at the “Spiritual Retreat” (Laughter and Silence) in September, 2015. Much has happened during this period, but every morning I have practiced the 50-minute morning

You kill, you eat. Is Social Media feeding or starving you?

For the last decade, I’ve been employed by our Victorian State Government to run workshops to assist people to develop a business. It’s been fulfilling in many ways and helps me to understand why some businesses succeed and others fail. Last night I went to an official function where the Minister for Small Business stood up and said that business is like primitive survival. “You kill, you eat”.

Hey, what’s up with all the laughter in Montreal?

As the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal winds down, Laughter Yogis are just revving up. Fasten your seatbelts, Montrealers! We're about to get some intense laughter going on with the highly anticipated visits of Sebastien Gendry and Maduri and Madan Kataria.