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Laughter Yoga Research In Slovenia

A study conducted by the University of Mariboru in Slovenia shows that Laughter Yoga has a much better effect on preventing high blood pressure, relieving stress and improving heart rate thereby proving that it a great exercise routine for one’s well-being

Another Laughter Yoga Study Underway In Australia

Merv Neal has initiated another new research on Laughter Yoga with kidney patients on dialysis. This study is being conducted by a team of investigators from Deakin – Monash center for nursing research in Australia

Lessons Learnt From Laughter Yoga With School Children

Recently, I was invited by a school in Bangalore to conduct Laughter Yoga sessions with children from varied age groups ranging from nursery to class 10. I first did some training session before introducing a 5 minute Laughter Yoga session at the end of the morning assembly.

Launching New Leader Training Manual 2014

It gives me great pleasure to present the latest version of Certified Leader Training Manual 2014. Before revising this manual, I asked many people on Prozone & Facebook about the contents of the manual.

What is the most effective form of marketing?

For years people have learned about the “4 P’s of Marketing”. They are Price, Product, Place and Promotion. More recently, there have been another “3 P’s” added. They are People, Partnerships and Packages. All of this is GREAT for the theorists out there but the main thing you need to know about marketing is its purpose. The purpose of marketing is to create leads.

Public Speaking Skills For Laughter Yoga Professionals

First of all, you must remember and memorize your content, or else you will not be able to express it fully. Your mind will always be searching for words making it difficult to communicate. So, the best way is to memorize and keep repeating the content in your mind before any event.

Presentation Skills For Laughter Yoga Professionals

Using a microphone:</strong> Whenever you are using a handheld microphone, please do not put it in front of your mouth as your breathing will muffle the voice. Also, when you speak to people, they can understand you better if they can see your lip movement.