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CANcer-Proof Your Life . . . YES, You CAN!CANcer-Proof Your Life is an innovative program addressing life, whether before, after or during a cancer diagnosis, in a holistic manner, combining the best from many different mind, body, and spirit modalities. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, but one in which you will choose what techniques will best suit your needs.

There are NO claims that any one of these modalities cures cancer, but evidence-based research indicates that much can be done to reduce cancer risk and more important, decrease the risk of its recurrence.

During my own cancer experience, not one word was mentioned about how I should live my life after treatment. Because of that omission, coupled with my background and passion regarding alternative therapies, I have been compelled to share my knowledge and expertise with others in an informative and fun-packed 6-week anti-cancer, wellness program. Unlike many programs, healing is addressed not simply from a single dietary viewpoint, nor simply from a spiritual one, but instead one which encompasses and strives to balance all components of mind, body and spirit, laughter being at its heart!

Wellness at any point in life is a choice, but, sadly, one that is rarely offered by traditional medicine. The goal of this program is to ensure that you live the rest of your life, longer, healthier and happier, because you have been given a multitude of empowerment tools and wellness options that will prepare you to CANcer-Proof Your Life . . . Yes, You CAN,

I promise!


Sue Ansari RN has lived and worked in the Detroit area for many years. She has worked extensively with Gilda’s Club both in Detroit, as well as Grand Rapids, filling both clubs with love, laughter and healthy food. A CANcerGuide, Lymphatic Therapist, Raw Food Chef, Holistic Health Counselor, Laughter Yoga Teacher and a cancer survivor herself, she is actively engaged locally and globally in presenting, CANcer-Proof Your Life, a wellness program which she designed to decrease cancer risk by addressing matters of mind, body and spirit.


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