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Canadian Church Introduces Laughter YogaIn a move to further spread the awareness of Laughter Yoga and to help people bring more laughter and joy into their lives, St. Andrews the local Presbyterian Church in Thorold city, Ontario, Canada recently organized a Laughter Yoga session under the guidance of LY teacher Chantal Rouleau. The session was open not just to the members of the parish, but even to the Thorold community.

The one-hour Laughter Yoga class first initiates laughter as a form of exercise through laughter-provoking activities, which soon becomes real due to eye contact and the contagious nature of laughter. Rouleau explains the enormous benefits Laughter Yoga and enlightens people how it increases blood circulation, releases tension, helps with digestion and reduces blood pressure. She said laughter doesn't involve any yogic postures like most yoga practices, and is totally suitable for anyone. "Laughter is the one language we all have in common throughout the world and it's a great exercise to boost happiness and improve health,” she adds.

Source: Thorold News, Ontario, CA.

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