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4The job isn't over until the paperwork is done - still ongoing. This post however, will suffice (at least in my estimation) as a final report.

Certificates of attendance have now been sent out to those who were present for the Sunday portion of the conference featuring an advanced training seminar (Sunday morning) given by Dr. Madan Kataria. Anyone who has not received their certificate in PDF format are invited to contact me directly.

This event took place in Toronto on the weekend of November 9 and 10. Approximately 120 participated over the two days.

Sincere thanks are extended to those who assisted in the preparations leading up to the conference: Erin Hancock, Marjorie Moulin, Lynn Himmelmann, Carlos Gongora, Lillian Saggiorato, Renee Paser-Paull, Wendy Woods, Gary Johnston, Helen Bauer, Linda Leclerc, Sue Craig, Kesh Kumar, Maria Enzo Mastropietro, Robert Carlo, Jennifer Hammond, Bambalamb Kidd and Mizz Dellie. Thanks also to Merv Neal and Dr. Kataria for advice and encouragement.

Overall the conference was a great success in bringing people together and welcoming Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria to Canada. A complementary PDF booklet has been prepared and will serve as a record of the event. Video footage was captured and will be processed in due course (a ten minute video clip is included in the conference booklet).

Discussions took place during the Sunday afternoon open space segment. There is recognition of difficulties for many Laughter Leaders in managing to financially support the work they do in Laughter Clubs and presentations on Laughter Yoga. This will be addressed in future events and workshops. Comment from Dr. Kataria encouraged more association between Laughter Leaders and Teachers along with more events, gatherings, round-ups. Frank Pasquill made an appeal to the assembly for suggestions on how Laughter Yoga can be brought to parts of the world where laughter is so desparately needed, citing the events taking place in Syria as an example.

Before the closing of the conference, the next Canada Conference was announced as being held in Vancouver in 2014. At the time of this writing, there are no plans prepared for this to happen. As in most things, life usually takes another course and while there is hope for a conference in Vancouver area to take place, the opening of Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore, India is currently the main focus for Dr. Kataria. Anyone who has a desire to take on the role of making the Vancouver Conference a reality is invited to contact me for notes and contacts to refer to.

The year ahead is going to be one of growth and development for Laughter Yoga in Canada.

Here is the link for the Canada Laughter Yoga Conference 2013 booklet: