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Over the holidays, my manager at work had the idea of asking everyone in our department to write a positive statement about their coworkers. She then compiled all the statements for each person and gave them to the person. I was stunned when I read mine. Here is what people said:

We appreciate you...

You are very detail oriented

You think outside the box

You have a happy voice when I call the office for help

You are kind.

You are helpful

You are funny

You have lots of smiles

Now before my laughter yoga life, people might have said that I was detail oriented and kind and conscientious. However, the parts about me smiling all the time and having a happy voice and even the thinking outside the box. I attribute all those statements to the laughter yoga. Laughter helps to cultivate the right brain and this cultivates the creative side and thus thinking outside the box more. See Daniel Pinkwater's A Whole New Mind for more on this.

When you laugh you change and when you change, the way you look at the world changes. And apparently, the way others look at you also changes!!