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There are many reasons to run a FREE Laughter Club. It’s a way of giving back to the community, it improves your presentation skills, it’s where you create and identify new laughs, and it’s where you can make new friends. But can it also make you money? The answer is quite simply yes!
This is also a very important point to make when you are trying to get people to attend the 2 Day Leader Training, and then to start a club. Many will say that $395 (or whatever it is in your country) is a lot of money to pay for no financial return, if they are then to start a FREE Laughter Club.
Others will say that it takes lots of time and effort (and money) to start and run a club. And others will say that they can’t afford to pay full price and ask you for a discount. Once all of these folks understand that their Return On Investment (ROI) can be made within the first six months then the story changes.
Here are 5 tips to help you get money from your FREE club.
1. Have a Donation Box. Make this a large box, have it clearly marked with the nominated amount (mine says $5), and have it positioned at the front door. I NEVER mention it, so there is no pressure for people to donate, yet around 90% do. Just 10 people paying per night is $50 (cash) per week. This adequately covers operating expenses with money left over to celebrate birthdays and special events.
2. Sell smiley badges. If you don’t like the idea of a Donation Box then an alternative is to sell 10 cent smiley faced badges for $5 each. Tell people that the funds go towards running the club, and that if they don’t have $5 then any contribution is appreciated. I also tell others that if they don’t have any money to take one anyway.
3. Sell products. Similar to the above but have a range of more valuable products available, clearly marked, and tell them that the proceeds are for the same purpose as for point 2.
4. Have commercial fliers available. Let people know that there is a commercial side to your work and that the fliers are there for them to take away and give to their Human Resources or Workplace Wellbeing Manager. Make sure you have some fliers for your FREE club also and ask them to pin them up on their work or school noticeboard.
5. Value add your club to your commercial gigs. And finally when you’re doing a commercial gig take along some of your FREE Laughter Club fliers and ask the folks who attended to join you anytime for FREE. You can even promote this when you’re bidding for a gig to show that there will be extra sessions available that the attendees will be able to go to at no extra charge to the client. WIN WIN WIN folks!
If you have any further questions regarding making money from your FREE Laughter Club then please feel free to email me at mervneal@laughteryoga.org at anytime. Any recommendations for future topics are also appreciated.
Merv Neal is a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and the CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia and New Zealand. He has successfully owned and operated his own businesses for more than 40 years. He has created a Laughter Yoga Business Training Program, as well as the Business Mentors and Coaches Program, to help others to take Laughter Yoga to commercial organizations, and/or to create a Laughter Yoga business of their own. More information can be found at http://www.laughteryogaaustralia.org or http://www.mervneal.com