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Yesterday I headed into the People's march in the main street of Melbourne. Laughter Clubs Victoria is represented every year and I've been there every year bar one, 2 years ago I had to go to a funeral 🙁 Because the group isn't choreographed like other groups we can break out, race up to the crowds, high five, hug friends, photo bomb selfies. It is soooo much fun. Yesterday in light of recent events in Melbourne there was a huge police presence and I am delighted to say that every police person I approached was up for a high 5 and a bit of laughter and I stopped counting at 60 police high 5's. If you are in Melbourne on January 26 next year I highly recommend joining the group. Being in the People's march is so much fun. Plus, I was humbled and honoured that 8 members of my weekly community group wanted to join in the fun. Even one who'd just had her knee replaced, thank you to another member who organised a wheel chair for her.