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I would like to share with you a very powerful technique called breath connect meditation. I have been using this technique for almost 15 years and it has helped me to connect with people all over the word in a mysterious way. In fact, this has been the core of my communication with laughter leaders and teachers around the world who are helping me to spread the mission of laughter.

It is a simple and powerful technique of visualization and breathing at the same time that helps to connect with others and improve relationships. It is easy to learn and anyone can do it.

Laughter Meditation in Laughter Club

As you all know we all breathe in the same environment and breathing is a common connect between all living beings. Our body, mind and the whole universe is connected through breathing. Even our thoughts are a powerful energy force which travel as vibrations throughout the universe.

Breathing is the only function of the body which has a dual nature. It goes on continuously without any pause. Though controlled by the sub-conscious mind, we can change our breathing pattern with our conscious mind. We can shorten it, prolong it and even hold it.

Using Mind’s Voice & Mind’s Eye

In this meditation we use our Mind's Voice through which we talk to ourselves & our Mind's Eye through which we see images of our thoughts on our mental screen. Whatever we think and imagine has a very powerful impact on our body and mind. It releases certain neuro transmitters in our nervous system which brings about real physiological changes in our body.

Before you start the visualization, take some time to reflect and remember some people in your life right from your childhood till today who have made a major difference to your life. With the power of imagination, reflect the face of any person on your mental screen and take a slow deep breath into your entire body as if breathing for that person. This will send out positive vibrations into the universe which will connect you to that person in a divine way. This will also help change your relationship and develop a positive, loving attitude towards that person in a very mysterious way.

You can breathe for your spouse, professional colleagues, and friends and also for people with whom you have a difficult time and bad relationship. Any negativity or hatred towards that person will dissipate when you see the changes in your behavior as well as the behavior of other person.

I’ve had people calling me mysteriously when I breathe for them. It is like an invisible transmission of your intentions. It is a kind of energy you transmit into the universe which travels and helps you connect with people in a spiritual domain which cannot be logically explained; it can only be experienced.

I start this meditation with five people who have made a major difference to my life. I see them in my mind laughing and smiling and express my thanks and gratitude for changing my life. After breathing for them, I go around the world connecting with Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers who are spreading the mission.

You can also breathe for your dreams. For example, I have been visualizing the University of Laughter Yoga in Bangalore and have been breathing for it since the last two years. Now, it is all becoming a reality.

The great thing about breathing is you can always breathe in the present moment. Whether you are visualizing or dreaming; if you breathe for it; it turns into a reality and you can realize all your dreams.