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Laughter Boost Health With A Daily Dose Of LaughterHere is an interesting article by wellness coach Carolanne Wright who firmly believes that in order to see change in the world; we need to be the change. She reaffirms the effectiveness of laughter as one of the important tools for body - mind wellness. One of the many ideas she advocates to spark laughter in one’s life is to join a Laughter Club and do Laughter Yoga which helps people to learn to how to laugh unconditionally, without any jokes, humor or comedy.

A young child can laugh over 300 times a day whereas an adult will chuckle a fraction of this amount -- often much less, if at all. It's no joke. When life is taken too seriously, we are missing out on one of the greatest health boosting habits around. Feel good endorphins, pain management, lower blood pressure, protection from illness, a sharper mind -- just a few perks a little mirth can supply. Laughter makes people smarter, more productive and more positive in dealing with life’s challenges.

As it turns out, a good sense of humor is essential for thriving health. Not only is it pleasurable; laughter stimulates the heart and lungs, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system. It even enhances the intake of oxygen, stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles -- benefiting major organs and triggering the release of endorphins. This, in turn, leads to more happy states of enjoyment. Having a lively laugh also relieves discomfort by prompting the body to produce natural painkillers and interrupts the pain-spasm cycle of muscle disorders as well.

Research has shown that laughter sharpens the mind and broadens thinking - allows for adaptation to changing circumstances and spurs creativity. With all the doom and gloom these days, it is important to offset the negativity with a guffaw here and there. A good dose of comic merriment and camaraderie will lighten life, improve the mind and relax the body. It may even make you healthier to boot.