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Berlin, Church Tower Replaces Bell Chimes With LaughterThere are many applications of Laughter Yoga around the World, as laughter affects our daily lives differently in different countries & cultures. Laughter Yoga is non-religious as we laugh for exercise. However, many people have found that it connects them with their spirituality in unique, profound & life-changing ways. Read below how a church in Berlin, Germany replaced their bell chimes with laughter in conjunction with the upcoming World Laughter Day (www.worldlaughterday.org) on May 1st.

The power of laughter with people around the world devise new ways to laugh and make their lives more valuable and sensible. As it is highly infectious and is an intrinsic part of everyone, laughter is the best tool to change your mood, your day and even your life. As Dr. Kataria, founder of the Laughter Yoga Clubs movement says: “When you laugh, you change and when you change the whole world changes around you”. Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine that promotes positive mental attitude and has the ability to relieve stress almost instantaneously, thereby making it the easiest, safest and the most economical technique for complete body-mind wellness.

Other News from Berlin:
Laughter allowed" - art event of the Emmaus Church in Berlin - Kreuzberg. In the period from 04/23/2011 to 05/07/2011, a quarter, half, three and fourth of every hour the ringing of the tower is replaced by a laughter. The sound installation "Laughter allowed" is an art event by the artists Cabri, Carolyn Krueger and Brigitte Kottwitz (Frankfurt / Main, Germany). The church tower sounds daily between 10 und 18.

Berlin church tower emits peals of laughter

By Helen Maguire Apr 22, 2011, 10:46 GMT

Berlin - A Berlin church aims to challenge the notion that religion is no laughing matter by replacing its bell chimes with peals of laughter, just in time for Easter.

For two weeks, the Emmaus Church, in Berlin's culturally diverse Kreuzberg district, will resonate with the hearty sound of laughter, rising every 15 minutes to reach a crescendo on the full hour.

'We want to remind people to laugh,' said Brigitte Kottwitz, one of the two artists who launched the project. 'Our daily lives are so busy that that we forget to be merry.'

Kottwitz and Caroyln Krueger have cooperated for years on projects demonstrating the power of laughter. Before coming to Berlin, they converted two other church towers, in Frankfurt and in a nearby village.

'Often people get a shock when they hear it, because something is happening that they weren't expecting at all,' Krueger said.

The sound, which lasts several seconds, features a range of male, female, young and old guffaws, making it hard to keep a straight face - especially in the presence of Berlin's Laughter Club ladies, who chime in with infectious guffaws.

Kottwitz said that Germans do not laugh enough.

'Children laugh more than grown-ups, but, during the course of our upbringing, we lose the ability to laugh freely and adapt to society.'

She founded the Frankfurt Laughter Club 12 years ago, while Krueger runs Germany's forum for Laughter Yoga - an Indian practice in which participants laugh spontaneously, without any particular reason.

The concept is the brainchild of Indian doctor Madan Kataria who realized that the physical act of laughter made people happy.

'At first I thought it was strange,' said Kottwitz. 'But I tried it out and noticed after a while that it was doing something to me and was changing me, and I decided I wanted to pass that on.'

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