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mental flossAWAKEN Your SENSEational: Enter THE NOW ZONE thru MINDLESSNESS!

I was interviewed the other day for a publication. The reporter asked, How Laughter Yoga differed from other types of Yoga. She added, “I mean.. Yoga is all about the positions.”

Well, besides the fact that YOGA simply means people uniting or coming together-which we do in Laughter Yoga…her usage of the word *POSITIONS* was interesting to me. I informed her that Laughter yoga was all about the positions, too-though, not in the traditional sense of postures. Through experiencing and practicing Laughter Yoga-you develop an awareness. This offering or awareness -was about repositioning your mind. Changing your mindset.

We all know that Dental flossing is good for our teeth and gums. Well, these brains of ours can get pretty bogged down and cluttered up with much stress and negative self-talk. Old tapes can run at times  on a 24hr spin cycle.I’m blaming you, you’re blaming me. I’m shaming you. You’re shaming me. I’m judging you. You’re judging me. We’re in our heads-thinking about the past,the future. Seldom in the present. The present is what I like to refer to as “THE NOW ZONE”. Through Laughter Yoga,we get to be in THE NOW ZONE!

In Dr Kataria’s Laughter Yoga ..there is a Laughter Yogic exercise we do and it’s called, “Dental/Mental Floss.” Not only do we get to clean our teeth. ..but, we get to MENTAL FLOSS and clean out our minds,too.

There is something to be said about MINDLESSNESS!!