Dear Laughter Professors,

As you know, we have already launched a new section of Laughter Yoga blogs which will give you a platform to write about yourself and your work with Laughter Yoga. In this section, you can post your profile and details of services offered by you. You can also submit articles about Laughter Yoga clubs, events, media coverage, scientific research, inspiring testimonials and photos and videos. This will be like your own page where you are free to express and share your ideas.

Our website has substantially improved in search engine ranking and is drawing high traffic. You will get an exposure to worldwide viewership, which will improve your connections and increase your business opportunities. We will put a link to your website or give your e-mail and contact info. Our LY support team will be happy to assist you in setting up your page and uploading your articles, photos and videos.

How To Become An Author On Our Blogs

  • You can start writing articles and news reports under your name in the general section. When you reach 10 articles, your name will be shifted to the right hand menu bar, and you will qualify as a star author. Once you become a star author you need to keep adding at least 1 to 2 articles every month.
  • What to write about in Laughter Yoga blogs:
  • You can write about your experiences with Laughter Yoga in your personal life, family life, social life and business life and how Laughter Yoga has changed your life.
  • You can write about the experiences others who come regularly to the laughter clubs and about those who are attend your seminars, workshops and trainings.
  • Write about how Laughter Yoga has helped you not only during laughter sessions. but also in real life and how it has changed your attitude towards others
  • Send in write-ups of media coverage for your Laughter Yoga clubs or seminars and workshops. You can also post newspaper article links, which we will use on our blogs.
  • You can report about any scientific research anywhere about laughter and Laughter Yoga. You can add your own insight and opinion to those articles.
  • If you see any interesting video on, write a few lines about it and post it on your blog.
  • If you find any exciting news about Laughter Yoga on the Internet or anywhere you can post it in your blog.
  • You can post any interesting article, not only about Laughter Yoga, but on anything to do with personal development, spirituality, behavior science and neurolinguistic programming.
  • If you find any inspirational quotes, you can put it on your blog.
  • To make your blog more successful, you must accompany your articles with few photos. Even a short article of 1 or 2 paragraphs with pictures will makes interesting reading.
  • You can report your feelings, positive or negative emotions and ask for any help or comment from the laughter community.

Love & Laughter
Dr. Madan Kataria