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Lee_1The other day, as we wound up a boisterous laughter yoga session, all 25 participants and I sat on the floor, looked at each other, and laughed wholeheartedly for a full five minutes. Thanks to Laughter Blaster Claire's highly infectious laughter, everyone burst into peals of laughter, quite unable to stop.Some of us laughed so hard, we doubled over, holding our stomachs, tears streaming down our faces... Others chuckled, cackled, guffawed, or giggled uncontrollably, totally immersed in the moment.

In laughter yoga, it matters not how you express yourself; the end result is the same. Peace and inner joy.

That laughter meditation session was special, allowing the free, uninterrupted flow of our emotions. It helped that we were in a safe and nurturing environment, in a roomful of likeminded individuals who had come together just to laugh and have a good time. Knowing that we were in a safe space allowed us to express ourselves fully and let go of inhibitions that were holding us back.

Looking around the room, we made eye contact with as many people as we could, and in that magical moment, as we held each other's gaze and connected, the excitement and mirth poured forth. It was a totally cathartic experience, leaving a deep peace and joy in my heart for days.