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When I first started actually doing something with Laughter Yoga, and the laughter sessions I was offering were beginning to run more smoothly, I hit upon the idea of putting vinyl lettering on the back of my van - www.LaughterYoga.org - to generate public awareness. Sometimes people driving by would be smiling and waving, or holding their thumbs up etc. I would be asked about Laughter Yoga quite frequently, which was when I realised I needed to come up with a short concise response to the question.


Anyway, one day Sue and I were driving along on the highway, and got into some big argument about something that I don't even remember. I do remember I was pretty hot, and my face was probably distorted in all kinds of ways - that was when I suddenly became aware of a car slowly edging up in the passing lane with the passenger looking directly at me and glancing at my back window with a look of total disbelief and confusion on her face.


I still have a good laugh when I think of it. We still argue about lots of things, but we laugh much more now than we ever did. We have even managed to halt ourselves in the heat of the moment and remember to laugh. Sue is better at that than me.


Laughter loosens up all kinds of emotions; we have both grown as a result of being involved in Laughter Yoga.