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Laughter Club is an ideal place to laugh all your worries and stresses away. Started by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995 these clubs are now a global phenomenon and are providing people several health benefits for complete body-mind wellness.

One such club in Hyderabad called ‘Always Be Cheerful Laughter Club,’ founded by Shirin Panjwani in 1997, has now spread across the city and also has its presence in places like Vishkhapatnam, Tirupati, Nanded and Anantapur. Each club has close to 35 active members. On International Laughter Day on May 3, they hosted a rally where they encouraged passersby to adopt laughter into their day-to-day activities by raising slogans like “Ek do teen char – Khulke Haso Barbar”, “1 2 3 – laughing is free,” etc.

Laughing for no reason is challenging. Members of the club follow a particular routine everyday starting with a warm- up, followed by different kinds of laughter exercises. To make sure that people don’t get bored, they keep modifying the regular exercises. “Even doctors recommend their patients to join our clubs,” Shirin expresses adding that practicing Laughter Yoga in morning releases good chemicals in the body keeping one energetic throughout the day. It also improves one’s personality and changes a person’s approach to life. It calms a short-tempered person, makes a reserved person outgoing and also changes the way we talk to people,” she elaborates.

The Laughter Club members also train people who wish to learn the skill and continue it as a day-to-day exercise. They go to various schools, colleges, old age homes, corporate companies and train them.