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And Everyone Laughed With HimMillions of listeners mourn the recent demise of Tom Magliozzi, a co-host with his brother Ray of National Public Radio's "Car Talk" show. These brothers were the originators of one of NPR’s longest running and most popular shows which made people laugh each time they came on air.

The show had callers asking questions which were varied and at times took amazing turns! But the replies were solid, once the guys had wandered down all sorts of intriguing – and often hilarious – alleyways on the way to the answers.

The truth is, very few people really listened for car advice. They listened because the brothers were just plain funny. They not only told jokes, often bad jokes, but they laughed at themselves on the air! Laughing just came naturally to the car guys. Their longtime producer and friend, Doug Berman said, “Tommy had a laugh so great, so infectious, that it just made everyone around him feel better. Put him in front of a microphone and millions of people felt better. Can’t get a much more enjoyable cure for what ails you than that.”

It’s not for nothing that laughter has become one of the hot new topics in health care. Laughing is good for you, not only mentally but physically – exercising lungs and muscles and soothing frazzled minds and lowering blood pressure. Top medical operations tout their “humor therapy” as physical exercise programs. In fact, Laughter Yoga Clubs are springing up everywhere to encourage people to laugh loudly, to take advantage of the beneficial effects of laughing.

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