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A smile in your own mirror, ENjoy this moment
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:25:04
I often say during my Laughter sessions, when you are feeling down or worried, go and look in the mirror, look in to your own eyes and smile, and keep smiling, enjoy the moment, stay there until it becomes real.
If you have time, once the smile feels more natural , you can then start Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, or just Ho Ho Ha Ha....and keep repeating it until the stress in your body clears, ( this energy is what makes us become sick or dis-eased if we do not clear it, it is just energy anyway..) Do whatever you need to clear that energy, move your hands with the words.
You can do all the above, when you are washing your hands after a visit.
..or nearly any old time. Especially when you feel that rush of stressful energy in your body. Let it Go with a Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha..and then off you go with a He He He.
By the way, stop looking in the mirror and taking notice of the negatives, Laugh and enjoy the positives. You are alive and Healthy, give gratitude for what you do have.
Dont waste Now, ENjoy each moment, this moment is the secret of your future, so enjoy this moment.
Love and giggles