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We were staying at the Satya Sai Baba Ashram ( A wonderful experience). While walking in the village just outside the Ashram, I heard children playing, it got my attention, so I decided to go inside as I did I realised it was a small school. There were no signs outside to say what it was.

I was ushered into the office where I found the Head Master, he welcomed me. I offered the school a Laughter Yoga session, the Head Master asked me all about it and to describe what would happen so I showed him. It was all planned so a couple of days later, Des and I went to the school, our arms filled with lollies, chocolates and paper etc for the school and children.Every child in the school (approx 80) were really excited to see Westerners, they had never experienced anything like it before.

I always start my sessions with hands in the Namaste position,(palms together, prayer position)a little bow of the head, a big smile, and He He He He, the children (and adults) just love it and it seems so easy and natural to laugh.

They loved the Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, the kangaroo laugh, the wiggle and giggle, the joy of everything. They were quite overwhelmed with every part of the session, and so were we. Every moment filled us with Love and Joy, I was giving but I was also receiving much much more. All the teachers could not smiling as well and the Head Master thanked us profusely and made us promise that we come back to the school whenever we are in Puttaparthi.

WHen we were leaving and walking down the tiny (not so wide) street, children ran out of the schooll (as it was a break) calling out Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha or Thank you... Thank you Thank you and lots of little giggles and huge big smiles.

I was very touched, my body was filled with Love and Joy, I was very thankful for the synchronicity of finding the school seemingly by accident. (or was it?)

The next day when we were walking down the main street, another older boy came up and walked beside me and said "I heard about you laughing at the school, could you please come to our school"? that moment touched my heart. I was amazed, that word got around that fast.

How lucky are we that we can touch people of all ages so simply? I experienced the Joy of laughing with children again with Jagat Bisht in Indore, another joyful experience.

I Thank God for all these experiences and Madan Kataria and Madhuri for the inspiration and following their hearts.


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