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A Poem to Robin Williams - LONG MAY YOU LAUGH

You touched so many people- with your beautiful SMILE;

We\'ll be laughing with you in your movies- for a long, long WHILE;

You\'re presence- graced so many LIVES;

You were a person - who people loved to give high FIVES;

We could relate to your highs & LOWS;

We witnessed your movie career - continue to GROW;

You had a heart of Gold & your struggles, TOO;

Robin Williams, We love YOU;

The day you left this World- we felt a hole in our HEARTS;

It was like we were playing DARTS;

A part of the World- got pierced with your PAIN;

It was if the pain- started to RAIN;

Thoughout the Internet & thoughout our LIVES;

There were many questions & many CRIES;

We still love you - in this hour & on this DAY;

Your memories & your laughter are here to STAY;

All the roles & the movies that you PLAYED;

The times you were fearless & the times you were AFRAID;

Do know that you were a friend to many - from near & FAR;

And now we see you - as a bright shining STAR;

Long may you Laugh- our dear SOUL;

We love you, in every ROLE.....