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A new laughter exercise and good for the memory as well
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:34:09
I received an email through friends that I trust, regarding an exercise that is good for the memory, it showed a video discussing how this exercise not only helps our memory but it has been proven to help people with autism, children got good results.
Now I personally do not have positive proof because I am not a Doctor and it was only a video on email, but it is worth trying and I have found it works well for a Laughter Session. I just used it for Mental Health mangagement staff and they seemed to love it.
You hold your left lower ear lobe with your right hand and the right lower ear lobe with your left hand ( accupressure points), so this means your arms are crossed.
Then with legs apart (about hip width or a little wider, where comfortable) you do small squats (not past your knees), when you are doing this on a daily basis, the recommended time is for 3 mins a day, I feel an unfit person would have to slowly build up to this. If not flexible and/or has pain, not to bend too much at all..
When I use it for Laughter Yoga, i just get them to do it until the laughter slows down, I use the he he he he laugh while they doing all of the above.
Try it, it is alot of fun..
Please let me know by email what you think of this idea.
Love and giggles
p.s. all movements where we crossover limbs, are good for the brain, it balances both sides of the brain. I do these movements to warm up in the Laughter Sessions with Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha
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