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I run a monthly laughter yoga group in a lower income senior apartment building. I have fallen in love with the residents who participate. One woman just had her 90th birthday. She used to come with a neighbor to our weekly laughter club but has not been able to lately. We offered to have a 90th birthday party with the larger laughter club at someone's house. She was shy and said she did not want a big fuss - something quieter and smaller would suit her better.

So a few days before New Year's Eve, our monthly senior group met. It is a much smaller group. About 8 people were there and we laughed and sang songs, including happy birthday, of course. One person brought cupcakes and laid them out in a fancy tray. I brought cookies that I knew she liked. Another laughter club member brought a very small gift. And we had sparkling bubbly apple cider for the New Year!

Nothing much but it doesn't take much to make people happy. All of the people in this group are in their late 80's up to about 96 years old. The people were so thrilled - they started to act like excited kids. They used to be somewhat skeptical but now they are asking me when I am coming back next! And now they laugh readily and are able to play and laugh with the laughter yoga. It is truly a delight to see!

Leona, the brithday "girl" called me at home a few days later with profuse thanks for her birthday celebration. She told me how much she values the laughter yoga and recognizes how much it helps her.