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My Journey to Laughter Yoga- A Poem By Melanie ­čÖé
In the stillness of my Heart- I will reflect where my journey BEGAN,
When I was young- I had more tears and my laughter RAN,
It ran away with my joy TOO,
So many challenging experiences in my childhood- that my laughter didn't know what to DO,
My laughter went into hiding as it felt safe- in a hiding PLACE,
Less and less- would you see laughter on my FACE,
Life moved forward- as it always DOES,
And one day laughter yoga showed up- just BECAUSE,
Because it was a reminder that our laughter never goes AWAY,
It is always there- Day after DAY,
Laughter Yoga was like going to Disney World for ME,
It was a place for my Laughter to be expressed authentically and just be FREE,
A place to laugh- and sing, and dance & tap into my Childlike joy AGAIN,
Right Now in this moment- not someday wondering WHEN,
Because of Laughter Yoga- I realize that my laughter is like one of my best FRIENDS,
It sticks close to me- regardless of Societal TRENDS,
Since I have been laughing the Laughter Yoga WAY,
It has opened up my life- to Creativity, Connection, Gratitude, Joy, Fun- so much more to SAY,
I have laughed more than ever BEFORE,
I am so excited for what upcoming adventures my Laughter has in STORE,
I have shared laughter yoga at the Homeless Shelter, Cancer Support Community and at my Family Reunion TOO,
Most everyone has enjoyed it-through and THROUGH,
I have shared it at the Holistic Nurse Association Conference, at Wedding Receptions and with many of those people who are closet to ME,
As shared in Daniel Pink's Book- "A Whole New Mind"- Laughter Yoga is a Place to tap into your CREATIVITY,
I have shared it with Preschoolers, those wheelchair bound, Seniors and so many groups and AGES,
So as you begin to write your life Autobiography- start with your laughter chapter and PAGES,
May your Life Journey be filled with Laughter, Singing, Dancing, Playing, and lot of JOY,
And may Laughter Yoga be the seed for Aliveness & Vitality for every man, woman, girl & BOY....
"All you need in the world is love and laughter. That's all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other. " August Wilson
Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,