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After 5 years of Laughter Yoga Movement in Taiwan, there are now 16 Laughter Clubs around this island and 5 of them are open daily for the public. Until now I have gotten some money from some generous donators . Since Dr. Kataria always suggests us to bring more games to Laughter Club, I invited my Theater Game Teacher to train the leaders how to add more to Laughter Clubs.

In my opinion, those on-duty leaders who serve the public daily or weekly, in park or community centers, should also be appreciated by the society. So they should have the privileges to learn more for free from the training course provided by the Laughter Club association, which is now organizing. And they will share what they have learnt with the members after the training. And it will become a win-win effect.

On January 24 2010, there were 25 leaders from nearly every club of Taiwan to join the class. Ten of them came from 200 km faraway from Taipei. It was very successful and the participants found them satified. Besides that we also made a short meeting with Dr. Kataria online by Skype, and got his best wishes at noon break. We held this event at my uncle's warm, safe and kind Laughter Villa, where Dr. Kataria also visited in 2008