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8th Australian Laughter Yoga Conference Sydney 19th and 20th October'Merv Neal Australia'
After around six months of preparation it’s time to get the 8th Australian Laughter Yoga Conference underway. This year you will see that we have called it Laughter Wellness. This has been done to see if we can attract a new crowd who may not have heard of, or understand, Laughter Yoga. Once we have them there we can of course explain it to them, and better still, show them. Registrations are filling steadily at www.laughterwellness.com.au

One of my business mentors once told me that “if you want to go fast, then go alone…if you want to go far, then go with others” So something new that we’ve done this time around, is to align ourselves to two other organizations to help us market and promote it. The first one is Holistic Services Group. They are a leading provider of holistic services and a big supporter of Laughter Yoga. More information on HSG can be found at http://www.holisticservices.com.au Of particular interest is their page on Laughter Yoga. It’s a beautiful layout that works very well http://www.holisticservices.com.au/laughter-yoga-workshops/

Our other partner is Yoga Australia. This was formerly the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. All of the information for them can be found at http://www.yogaaustralia.org.au I’m also delighted to announce that I’ll be presenting Laughter Yoga at their Conference in 2014. It will be held in Melbourne on the 12th and 13th April and be called Joy in Yoga

The money raised from these events will go towards funding our two major research projects that we are about to commence. The first one that is starting in November is to measure the impact of Laughter Yoga on Kidney Dialysis patients. Ros Ben-Moshe and myself will be at the Monash Medical Centre daily taking the folks through a Laughter Session. The good thing about these folks is that they have to turn up, and they can’t run away if they don’t like it. We’ve already visited the unit and it should be HEAPS of fun. We will be measuring increases in Forced Exhalation Volume (FEV), along with decreases in stress, depression, and anxiety. My thanks go to Associate Professor Paul Bennett for his support in this project

The second project that will happen early next year is Laughter Yoga with Year 3 School Children. For this one we will be measuring student engagement, attendance, and positive behaviors. My thanks go to Dr Fiona Ling from Victoria University, and Bryan Handasyde from St Patricks Primary School in Pakenham for their support in this project

For more details email Merv at mervneal@laughteryoga.org