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The 5th All American Laughter Yoga Conference

WOW, WOW, WOW, and WOW…do I have to go on? I’ve just experienced one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I’ve just returned from the All American Laughter Yoga Conference in New Mexico. With more than 100 people there, we had 3 days of Laughter, Inspiration, and Learning

The Agenda

The whole event started with a 5 day Teacher’s Training by Dr Kataria. There were around 40 in attendance for this. This then led into a 2 Day Leader Training, followed by Advanced Laughter and Business Presentation Training. The Conference itself had more than 100 attendees and more than 10 speakers from around the USA, Canada, Chile, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Australia, and India. There was then a 2 day workshop on Fun. More than 20 people, including myself, experienced the art and importance of playing games. Remember that the four elements of Joy are Singing, Dancing, Playing and Laughter. As you can see there was something there for everyone

The Speakers

The speakers were amazing. Amateurs though they were, they had the audience laughing and crying with their personal stories of how they are bringing and using Laughter Yoga in a variety of ways. They were much better than some of the professionals I’ve seen. From prisons to churches, hospitals to schools, telephone conferences to clubs, and hypnotherapy to clowning. Just about every topic and area was covered. One the highlights were when the attendees joined in a Levity Project. This is where the group goes Downtown to laugh together with the general public similar to a Flash Dance. It went OFF ! ! !

The 5th Australasian Conference in November

I am delighted to announce that two of the speakers who presented there, Sebastien Gendry and Laura Gentry will be presenting at our Conference. Both of their presentations were amazing and they assure me they will be even more amazing for us. Sebastien has a 1 day post conference workshop, and Laura has now committed to a special Sunday Night Laughter Yoga Service which will be a huge hit and open to the General Public. Make sure you bring your friends along to this one. There is a full list of speakers and an agenda on the LYOZ website. Along with this there will be folks attending from South Africa, New Zealand, and the Philippines so this is an opportunity to network on a global, as well as Australian basis

Registration and Booking

There has been a steady stream of registrations and bookings. The venue is limited in the amount of people who can stay on site and actually attend the venue so don’t leave it too late to commit to what should be a GRRREAT 4 days and nights of information and fun. It won’t be a laughing matter if you miss out ! ! ! (ha ha ha)

Conference information

All of the information you require is on the Laughter Yoga Australia website www.laughteryoga-australia.org Michelle Latimer will be assisting with the logistics so don’t be afraid to contact her on 0412 299 817 for any local information

Keep laughing