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After your happy new year greetings, I receive a message asking me how to pursure a happy life. So I guess may be it is time for me to share some ideas on how to have a happy new year, for practioner of Laughter Yoga or anyone who want to pursuit happiness in this year.



1) Everyday is a miracle - be thankful
There are always something good in a bad day. If we notice what we are consuming is from the effort of the Mother Nature and other people's effort. Say I am using this blog to share my Happy ways with you, this website is not created by myself, it is by the Laughter Yoga Team and Dr Kataria, and the laptop I am using is not creating by myself, but many different technicians, and through the effort of the workers and sales department and transport to me. If we notice everything are happened with the effort of many different people, please say thank you to them and to yourself, as everything is not taken for granted.

2) Curiousity
No everyday is the same. The magic happens once you wake up, if you bring the curiousity with you like the little kid as we practice laughter yoga. When everyday is not just routine, we can try something new and face new challenges, and life is full of fun. How about try some new route to work, creating new laughter exercises or even learn something new in addition to what we alreadly practice for a long time? HAHA, fun is somewhere outside the comfort zone.

3) Sharing
Laughter yoga practioners love laughing, and we make that really good. How about we share our laughters and care to other people in the society? We create different laughter clubs in different part of the world, that's already very good. How about we do something more, say sharing laughters in more different ways not only in the club? I try to share laughter by taking laughing photos with different people in the society, and that may be the first time they laugh on that day too. I guess there are many experts around the world, let's share our laughing ideas for sharing laughters together.

4) Forgiveness
Forgiveness does not mean to accept the behaviour of another person. Forgiveness means to release the anger inside our body, so that we can be in peace and happy state. When we are angry, normally we are not going to make any smart decision or action (and normally that action or decision would make you regret). Here we are not talking about to suppress your anger energy, but we can release the energy by practicing laughter meditation, laughter yoga exercises or any kind of artistic creation also help. Some other people like to go into music, dance, some may go to jogging, swimming and yoga. Laughter yoga is one of the way to balance your emotion and at the same time to release your angry energy which will be toxic to your body.

5) Love yourself
Laughter yoga practioners are full of love, and like to share your love to other people. Not only loving other people, we need to love ourselves first, not critize ourselves, forgive ourselves and appreciate ourselves. It is okay if sometimes we are feeling blue, but at the same time we love ourselves even we are not laughing. If we can love ourselves fully, then we can have the ability and capacity to share our love and laughters through our laughing activities and workshop.

May all of you be happy and healthy in this year.

Lots of love & laughter,
Nat Lui