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4th Laughter Club
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Monday, 7 April 2014 07:43:44
Last week I founded my 4th Laughter Club in ALtona, Victoria, Australia. I have named it Cherry Laughter Club because the beautiful area I have chosen is called Cherry Lake. It is a man made lake with beautiful parklands and the birdlife love it. Pelicans, Swans and lots more.
I have started and lead all these Clubs because I have moved that many times and where ever I am living I take my Laughter Yoga with me.
Altona, is by the sea and family flock to sea side as it is safe and a glorious place to be. I love watching and feeling the joy that abounds everywhere I look at Altona Beach. Cherry lake is also filled with the Joy and peace of the bird life and people exercising around the circumference of the lake (I think it is around 5ks).
My first Laughter session at my new club, last weekend, was only small, however the three of us, loved every moment, as the swans came to visit, other birds ran up to us (yes firstly for food) and then just stayed around inquisitive and feeling our Joy. We were filled with child like joy and wonder and it made the session even more powerful.
I have been practising Laughter Yoga and Laughter Club for 10 years in May this year. Every Laughter Club session I have ever had, has been different and always the best stress reduction I could ever have.
Laughter Yoga has had an amazing effect on my life,it has made me fully aware of how Laughter, Joy and Happiness are all one and the most important ingredient to being Healthy.
Every day now, I find ways to smile, laugh and choose Joy over anything else. I am certain Laughter Yoga has extended my life.
I believe in daily Gratitude, choosing Joy, Love and Laughter is what makes me happy every day and keeps me healthy.
Life can be an exciting joyful adventure or filled with fear, it's all in our mind, and our own personal choice.
CHOICE NOT CHANCE DETERMINES OUR DESTINY, what's your choice now.?>???
Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, try laughing at your worries and Let it all go.. It's always your choice.
My choice daily: TO BE HAPPY, Very Good Yay
Carolyn (Cazza Laughalot)