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Our time with Dr Madan Kataria and wife Madhuri
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia 
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12:23:09

Our time spent with Dr Madan Kataria in Bangalore was a great surprise as I had no expectations what 'so ever' and we all know Madan is a very busy man, however we were taken to a couple of different Laughter Clubs where I was asked to lead, we were offically Welcomed with 'special Laughs' and were presented with significant scarves (as you can see in the photos) at the end we were invited to come back and stay with Laughter Families,another time and also we were treated to a typical Indian Breakfast, which we really enjoyed. The Man that started 180 Laughter Clubs in Bangalore was amazing,his name is Mr Satyanarayan and he told us that he had badly injured his hip and was sitting in the park and heard alot of people laughing, he enjoyed it so much, that he decided to start his own laughter club and and that was the beginning of it all.. Wow....I want to keep in touch with such a mentor. Bangalore is a beautiful place, on arriving at the airport, the surprises begin because its new and the road to the City is also new and when we arrived in Bangalore that too is a surprise because it is set out, English style and very clean, we felt comfortable immediately, it is really suitable for Laughter Clubs as there are alot of Fantastic spacious parks and I can see why Madan has decided to build the Laughter University. Madan looks after his staff very well and thats why all his Staff are efficient, loving, laughing and caring.

Observing Madan in his daily life, in every way I have to say he is the Guru of Laughter..........Gu means dark and Ru Light so a Guru is a person who brings a student from dark to light, so in my opinion and from my witnessing I really believe that Madan helps people to live in the light of Laughter just by naturally being himself. I witness Madan being the person in charge of all his staff,in a loving yet joyful manner, he is always observing himself , I would like to say that Dr Madan Kataria walks his talk in his daily life. He is respected wherever he goes, he makes people laugh wherever he goes.
I believe that a person does not become a success in anything unless the work is participated with Joy and Love, and that is the reason that Laughter Yoga is a success, but there is another part of it all, the gorgeous Madhuri, the support to Madan, the Yoga part of the equation, we spent alot of time with Madhuri, and every day she was planning things all to do with caring for others, she is constantly wanting to learn and grow. Madhuri also made us feel Welcome, we met lots of people mainly ladies who have been Madhuri's Yoga classe and talked about how Madhuri has helped them. Madhuri gives laughter Classes to the homeless children, something I would like to do, maybe my next trip. I admire them both Greatly, and I would the world to know that these too 'walk their talk' in their daily lives.Here are some more photos of our India Visit -

on the elephant ride at Jaipur

me having a rest between looking and laughing

Des with owner of the Great restaurant, yummy food and Great entertainment

Carolyn Nicholson