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Laughing in the New Year to Uncover Your Unique Abilityhorses

I believe we were put on this earth with a unique set of talents and gifts, which may include helping to inspire and motivate people to action. The most successful people have learned how to tap into this skill and apply it with passion and enthusiasm. They align all of their daily actions to pursuing their unique ability and their goals. They fixate only on applying their unique gift with relentless zeal and gusto. They find creative ways to delegate all other non-related activities so they can concentrate solely on their core genius. They focus on developing strong positive habits and apply these laws consistently. These people excite, inspire and engage everyone around them as a result of living their unique talent.

One way to uncover your unique gift is to ask five of your closest friends what you are recognized for. Ask them what your top talents and gifts are as they perceive them. Another way to determine your unique ability is to ask yourself, what do you love to do so much that you don’t even want to charge money for doing it? It is that effortless for you.

Inspiring and transforming people’s lives through laughter does it for me. I love it. I love doing it every day. I love traveling, presenting, meeting new people, and making people laugh. For anyone that has seen me speak or coach, they can quickly ascertain that this is my passion. I am one with an audience, humble, confident, entertaining, engaging, and determined to get people to tap into their child-like spirit. This is what I was meant to do. This is so natural for me. So now is the time for you.

I encourage you to focus on YOU for a change. It’s your time to concentrate on only you and what it is that you want most. A great way to start is to get focused, centered and be aware of what inspires you. Take some time now and uncover and ignite the ‘genius’ inside you. Only you can get in your way. Everyone, including the universe, is standing by to answer your call and get on your band wagon. You are the conductor and the only one that can uncover your unique ability so it starts and ends with you.

For some, uncovering their unique gift is effortless, for others it takes deep discovery. Perhaps you are still on your creative journey, uncovering every detail of your life and your goals. Just know that with each small step you take it takes you closer to finding the true you.

All of us were put on this earth with a unique set of gifts
and a core genius.
Uncover yours NOW and become the person you were born to be.

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