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Wonder of Laughter

MAK Lodhi, India

Thursday, 28 May 2015 13:11:57

We live in the age of Science and technology, perhaps under stress.It influence and impact on life has been so deep and extensive that it has turned this earth into a land of Wonder And marvels. All of our aminities,comforts and luxuries are the gift of Happiness And Laughter. Studies show a huge leap in Attention Deficiet Hyperractivity Disaster, commonly known as A.D.H.D. So as to enjoy our overall happiness! Luxuriy aminities and technology, we have to bring our stress level minimized. Hence human brain can not concentrate for more then 70-90 Minutes, after which attention span reduces.To maintain brain and enery level high Laughter is the only and instantly available Medicine.HealthLaughter Yoga indeed works an aerobic exercise. Research has proven that 10 minutes of hearty Laughter is equal to 3o minutes of cycling or rowing machine.This help to stimulate heart rate
,increase blood circulation,supply oxegen and eleminate toxins.


In general performance depends upon mood and situation perhaps Laughter Yoga indeed has the ability to change the mood and keep the anxiety away and hence, performance depend upon Neuro-peptides' from the brain cells callled endorphines.

Scientific research tell us that the brain need 25% more oxygen then other body organs.Laughter Yoga increase the supply of Oxygen which helps in optimal performance and boosts energy an dskill Management levels.Today the people working in the divirsified field of industries and sectors.Which leads to stress and anxiety In order to maintain energy and skill level high Laughter Yoga is the only best and proven method for development of skills and performance.

Fastet way to reduce stress!

Though there are many methods being used to reduce stress.Laughter Yoga is the only excercise can change the life completely .......with instant and amazing results.....


The purpose of education is to bring All round personality development of an individual Laughter Yoga is the best and proven scientific method of exercise to overall development!!!!

Keep Laughing.........

 HA ha ha 1,2, ha ha ha...3.4 ha ha ha !!!