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Melanie Rudolph, USA
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:36:49
Laughter Yoga Sampler Around the World
A Poem by Melanie

Laughter Yoga in Businesses in AUSTRALIA with MERV,
The more you laugh- the smile on your face has a bigger CURVE,

Laughter Yoga for joy and fun in AUSTRIA with THOMAS,
Laughing is profound- so many people have experienced and PROMISE,

Laughter Yoga on the beach in CANADA with DOREEN,
A hearty laugh everyday and you will glow and be SEEN,

Laughter Yoga on World Laughter Day with PETR in CZECH REPUBLIC,
Laughing helps people feel better when they are healing and SICK,

Laughter Yoga for Earthquake victims with TOSHA in CHILE,
We laugh to get through challenges and sometimes we are SILLY,

Laughter Yoga on Skype led in FINLAND by ANU,
Laughing is a way to let your love BREAKTHROUGH,

Laughter Yoga as a bridge to peace with ALEX in ISRAEL,
Laughing makes people feel healthy, energetic & WELL,

Laughter Yoga for Retreats in MALAYSIA with NITA,
We simulate laughter exercises- like eating a laughing PITA,

Laughter Yoga in Prisons with LUIS in MEXICO,
Laughter Yoga around the World, in 65 countries and more countries to GO,

Laughter Yoga with Nuns, the Disabled, the Elderly and so much more with PAOLO in the PHILLIPINES,
Laughing everyday is essential for health ~ like eating your vegetables and GREENS,

Laughter Yoga as a form of meditation in SLOVAKIA with MIRO,
Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha ~ everywhere around the world you GO,

Laughter Yoga at the University with DENIZ from TURKEY,
Laughing helps people have less stress and become more PERKY,

Laughter Yoga with hundreds of people in VIETNAM with LE,
Laughing as a way to give yourself permission to be childlike and CAREFREE,

To Be Continued...

Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,