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It is very hard to give a simple definition of spirituality.

Everything in the universe: human beings, animals, plants, environments, planets, in fact all living or non living material objects - are a part of universal consciousness which is a constant flow of energy.

Our life as human beings is a part of the cycle of this universe. Our birth is a transition of some form of energy into human beings. We are born, grow, and after death our energy continues with the cycle of eternal consciousness which has no beginning no end.

We all belong to this intelligent system - call it universal intelligence or higher intelligence - and we are nothing but a flow of energy from one form into another. We are all related and interconnected as we are all part of the one.

Our ability to find oneness in everything in this universe is called spirituality.

We are diverse - that is the richness of the system. We have different likes and dislikes, hopes and aspirations. When we encounter others with whom we resonate, we find ourselves in unity and oneness with that person. Others who are different from us raise feelings of apathy, dislike or even hatred.

What creates this difference is our thinking or ego mind that has one agenda: I, my and me. This mind starts comparing: I am better or worse or equal to ‘them'. This thinking separates us from others. It creates fears, anxiety, sorrow and jealousy.

We need to overcome this thinking to achieve spirituality. We need to accept and love and help every other person equally. Spiritual unity and oneness comes when you allow people to be who they really are without trying to change them and create a loving environment despite differences.

Your right-hand will never hurt your left hand because it belongs to you. Spirituality is the awareness and sense of belonging towards one and all. When you realize that everything in this universe belongs to me and I belong to everything you are spiritual. There is no duality, no conflict but complete harmony.

This is easier said than done. When we are at an average level of consciousness our ego/mind dominates and pursues a selfish agenda. When we elevate our consciousness to a higher-level through spiritual practices and by following spiritual values, we become more open and flexible towards others and begin to find the inner spirit of laughter, allowing us to become joyful and laugh more easily.


Love & laughter
Madan Kataria

In this series we will talk about spiritual laws which govern our lives, spiritual values and spiritual tools in a non religious way. Stay connected.

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