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M K Gandhi needs no introduction. He is one of the heroes I worship. He has given me strength and courage to live a life full of purpose and meaning. I learned from him that if you follow the path of truth; you have nothing to fear. Truth and love are the two invincible powers of the Universe. He also taught me that selflessness is fearlessness. Any person who is not focused on the self, has nothing to fear.Though everyone strives for happiness, it still eludes us. Once Gandhi was challenged by a journalist to reveal the secret of happiness. He expressed it in three words- “Renounce and enjoy”. In mathematical terms he gave the following equation:
H = R/N
H stands for happiness, R for resources at your command and N for needs
The lesser the needs, the happiness quotient keeps increasing. It is all about what we need to make us happy.
In our last Laughter and silence retreat in Melbourne, Australia, we contemplated in silence the difference between needs and wants. We all have needs of survival and we all need some basics for living: like food, shelter and clothes. Needs are something we all must have. According to Gandhi, there is enough in this world to satisfy the needs of everyone. In contrast, wants are something that one would like to have. They are not necessary for living. but give you pleasure and comforts at the physical or mental level. The problem starts when we strive for things beyond our needs. The desires and wants are never ending, and we are caught in the processs of trying to amass as much as we can.
We all have desires and there is no way we can escape, but personally I found the answer. If your desires are directed to the self, they are bound to make you miserable, but if they are directed to help others, they will enrich your life, and you can have as many as you want. The second most important thing about desires is – don’t get attached to the outcome. If they get fulfilled it is good, if not it is still very good! There is a right time for everything in life. Everything happens for a reason. Just go with the flow.