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Work is worship. It’s never degrading to do any kind of work. Just cast aside your ego and feel the satisfaction and content that flows through the mind.This incident is a great example of learning to be helpful and to generate happiness. True happiness is when you bring a smile on someone’s face and create a bond from

Many years ago I had gone to Copenhagen, Denmark for an instructors training course. Laughter friends from all over the world were invited to participate in the session which would help them to add more laughter in their lives.
I was staying with a very generous friend Jan who accommodated me in his personal room and lovingly called it a “Presidential Suit”.
He welcomed other participants coming from different places and invited them to board with him for free. Bob Wilson from Scotland arrived a day earlier and stayed on the first floor.
As a routine there was a laughter club session in Jan’s house. These sessions helped people to come together and share their experiences. Deep connections develop as they laugh and talk for hours.
According to Jan one third of population in Denmark stays alone and they have no one to talk and share their feelings. These sessions therefore are a great opportunity for such people as it eases their loneliness and relieves their depression.
Anyway, we had a great session. Everyone ate, drank and enjoyed themselves. By the time they left at night the house was a chaotic mess. Plates and glasses were strewn around and everything was lying scattered.
It was some job to clean the mess. Jan was too tired in the night and suggested that we do the cleaning in the morning. He went to sleep in his friend’s house in the neighborhood while Bob and I talked for some time before I retired to my room and he went back to his.
Jan came early next morning and thought we would all clean up and have breakfast together. But much to his amazement he saw the house was already cleaned up. Everything was back in its place and all the dishes were neatly stacked. He exclaimed, ‘Wow! I can’t believe it! Who did the dishes and cleaned the room?’
I too was pleasantly surprised. Bob was just smiling. ‘An angel came at night and cleaned up everything,’ he said. At that moment we realized that the angel was none other than Bob himself.
He finally revealed the secret. He had got up at 5 am and quickly cleaned up and settled the house. It was like ‘Playing Angel.’ He explained that when one does something for others without their knowledge it is very gratifying. He played this game quite often with friends as he loved to the smile on their faces.
Our angel of mercy really left us inspired. It’s not about what you receive; it’s about what you give. If we shift our focus from ourselves to others and to the wider world all difficulties and problems would shrink to an inconsequential size.
By altering our attention from being self centered and egotistic to being considerate and understanding we would be able to make the world a better place.
I know it’s not easy for a person to remove the ‘E’ from the ‘EGO’ and let it ‘Go’… The simple method is to dissolve the ego and start flowing from inside out. Instead of talking start giving.